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Obama’s Motorcade Accidentally Traps Pregnant Woman in Labor

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When a pregnant woman goes into labor there are a few things that she just can’t anticipate, and one them is being trapped by the President of the United States’ motorcade on her way to the hospital.

Pregnant woman sits at bus stop during motorcade.

Pregnant woman sits at bus stop during motorcade.

A Los Angeles woman reportedly in labor was prevented from crossing the street to get to the hospital, reports NBC Los Angeles.

When the woman tried to cross the street on Wednesday afternoon, she was blocked because President Obama’s motorcade was coming through.

Witnesses say the woman was spotted sitting at a bus stop across the street from Cedars Sinai Medical Center.

NBC4’s Robert Kovacik recorded video of the woman sitting at the bus stop along with the caption “Woman in labor on bench as motorcade passes; not allowed to cross street to get to #CedarsSinai.”

Witness Carrie Clifford said the woman was forced to wait at least 30 minutes.

“I felt bad for her,” Clifford said. “It does happen when Obama comes to L.A. or I’m sure anywhere else. It paralyzes the city, it does make it complicated.”

Clifford tweeted about the trapped pregnant woman: “A few people in scrubs are there now. Still no baby. Still no #Obama.”

President Obama arrived in Los Angeles on Wednesday for a two-day visit which included fundraisers and a speech.

California residents welcomed Obama but found his visit to be a headache in so far as traffic was concerned.

“We love our president. This is the fourth time or fifth time he’s come to the Hancock Park area,” Raj Vora told KTLA.

The Associated Press reports that tickets for the lunch in Los Altos Hills start at $10,000 per person and go up to $32,400 for a couple.

President Obama will give a speech on Thursday before heading back to the White House.