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Nojma Muhammad: Ratchet and Rebellious Black Woman. Abnormal Sighting

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nojma1By Nojma Muhammad

When pointing out immorality, promiscuity, rebellion, narcissism, victim mentalities, self entitlement, manipulation, arrogance and various other types of destructive behavior as it pertains to Black Women I’m always met with the following in a futile attempt to distract or refute the truth that I’ve presented:

“I’m not like that”

“That doesn’t describe me or anyone I know”

“That’s only one Black Woman”

The first two are again, used as a weak attempt to discredit the truth and also add a splash of fantasy to a rebuttal that is heavily laden with a “girls are sugar and spice and everything nice mentality”.

These types of replies are also used to diminish the existence of the actions of the women being described and is also fallacious.

Argument from (personal) incredulity (divine fallacy, appeal to common sense) – I cannot imagine how this could be true, therefore it must be false.
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The last response is the most dangerous because it signifies both a lackadaisical attitude and lack of awareness.

“ONE” Black Woman can inflict destructive behavior upon generations of Black Women. It only takes “one” womb to corrupt a Nation and our community is proof of that.

Just because you don’t witness it, aren’t a part of it, stunting in rose colored glasses or simply ignore the very behavior that you may be guilty of, doesn’t negate the truth. Facts do! And the facts are very evident in the behavior of certain Black Women and the children we produce.

Another question that’s asked is “Where do you meet these types of Women?” As if physically meeting these specific types of Black Women is necessary. We are EVERYWHERE. We have to stop acting like the types of Black Women I speak about are some type of abnormal sighting like a blue moon or some event that is a rare occurrence.

This ratchet and rebellious Black Woman is on our television where her mouth is FILTHY. Where she is unable to construct a sentence without cursing. Where she disrespects not only herself but other Black Women as well. This ratchet and proud of it Black Woman is on YouTube with endless twerk videos. She is on YouTube making videos about everything that’s wrong with the Black Man but she’s is refusing to look at the wrong within herself.

This ratchet and rebellious Black Woman is on Facebook and Instagram posting half naked pictures of herself. She is on social media discussing her sexual activity as well as her sexual skills. She is on social media blasting her Baby Daddy and bragging about the child support she’s collecting, as she happily makes the father of her child a slave. She is on social media encouraging other Black Women to join her Child Support Hustle.

This ratchet and rebellious Black Woman is on our radio and on our Playlists and we rock with her as we call ourselves Boss Bitches, Bad Bitches, Hoes, and She teaches us how to prostitute ourselves for cars, jewelry, houses and money.

While these are all common places where we can easily find Black Women engaging in destructive behavior, there is another place where she can be spotted, but it’s a place that many of us aren’t willing to look; THE MIRROR. In the mirror is where we come face to face with our destructive behavior. In the mirror is where the existence of this specific type of Black Woman that you fervently deny, is revealed to you.

The rebellious and out of control Black Woman is not a myth. She’s not something that Black Men made up as a way to ignore their shortcomings. She’s not an illusion, she isn’t an apparition or an hallucination. She is very much a reality. She walks among us. She breeds dysfunction among us.

The reason Black Women deny or try to downplay our destructive behavior is because we don’t want to admit our contribution to the current state of the Black Family. We’d prefer to keep our faults and flaws in the dark. Well Black Woman…..consider me the light.

We can’t continue to feign ignorance every time this particular type of Black Woman is mentioned. We must do what we demand of Black Men. Which is take ownership, responsibility and hold ourselves accountable.

Until we as Black Women admit that we are a part of the problem, we will not be able to put a viable solution in place to save ourselves, our families and our community