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Mom told that her 3 and 4 year old sons are “dangers to the staff”

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suspendedBy: Krystle Crossman

Tunette Powell has two wonderful little boys. JJ is 4 and Joah is 3. They are normal kids who love to play and sometimes get a little too rough. When they do this at home they are punished accordingly and then life moves on. When they act out in school however, Powell gets a call from the school that she needs to come pick them up because they have been suspended.

The first time that JJ was suspended it was for throwing a chair. It didn’t hit anyone but they still felt that suspension was necessary. Powell agreed that the behavior was inappropriate but she thought that punishment was a little extreme. After this incident it seemed like the teachers had it out for JJ. He threw a chair again and was again suspended. Then there was an incident where he spit on a child that was bothering him during breakfast and yet again he was given a suspension. Powell felt that these punishments were not right but she herself had been a bad kid and had been expelled from preschool so she kept quiet. She said that it was hard because she remembered that everyone told her that she was a bad kid and she believed it. It took her a long time to realize that she wasn’t that bad of a kid.

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