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Model Goes From Beauty to Beast After Injecting Cooking Oil In Her Face

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Hang Mioku Korean-born model put cooking oil in her face.

Hang Mioku

Reported by Nigel Boys

Although she was already a model, Korean-born Hang Mioku was not satisfied with her looks and wanted to be “softer.” She decided to start having plastic surgery to improve her appearance when she was 28-years-old. However, she soon became so obsessed with enhancing her already beautiful looks that she moved to Japan to have more and more costly operations.

When her addiction to having silicone injected into her face and neck reached the stage where her face was visibly enlarged, plastic surgeons refused to operate on her any further.

The Korean beauty was not satisfied that her obsessive desire for beauty might have to come to an end, so she found someone who gave her a black market bottle of silicone and her own syringe. She immediately started to inject herself with the substance, even though there was no guarantee of its purity or even if it was safe to use.

However, after injecting the whole bottle, Mioku desperately tried to think of another solution to satisfy her need. She then came up with the bright idea of injecting cooking oil into her face, which made her almost unrecognizable, even to her parents, when she returned home to Korea.

Hang’s features had become so enlarged and distorted in comparison with her tiny body that children started calling her “standing fan,” because she resembled an upright electric fan.

After appearing on Korean TV, the former model received donations from some viewers who took pity on her, for her to undergo operations to reduce the swelling in her face and neck.

However, after several operations and 60g of silicone, oil, and other foreign substances having been removed from her face and 200g from her neck, the former beauty, now 48, just wishes she could have her old face back.

Hang will have to go through the rest of her life disfigured almost beyond belief and it’s all because she had fallen into the trap of believing that beauty is on the outside and doesn’t come from within.

Reportedly the former model, who had obviously earned enough from her beauty to start plastic surgery procedures, is now living on handouts from the state while working in a recycled clothes shop called “The Beautiful Shop.”