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McDonald’s Reportedly Fires Mom Arrested for Leaving Child on Playground

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A mother working at a low wage fast food job who was arrested for leaving her daughter Harrellunattended at a playground may’ve just had her luck go from bad to worse.

South Carolina mom Debra Harrell not only has legal issues to worry about, but according to her attorney, she was also fired from McDonald’s.

“She is currently unemployed,” Harrell’s attorney Robert Phillips told The Huffington Post.

McDonald’s, however, says that Harrell has not been fired.

“It would not be appropriate to discuss an employment matter in the media, but I can confirm that this employee has not been terminated,” McDonald’s spokesperson Lisa McComb wrote.

Harrell, 46, was arrested after people in the neighborhood called police to report that there was a girl on the playground alone.

The case sparked national attention because daycare in America is expensive and Harrell doesn’t earn much at her fast food job. So the question becomes how is Harrell supposed to work and provide for her child if she can’t afford daycare?

Other observers also wondered whether the situation could’ve been handled differently by concerned onlookers as well as whether anyone benefits from throwing a struggling mom in jail.

Unlike the U.S., France provides state run daycare centers.

“In brief, the French government provides: 1) inexpensive municipal day care, 2) tax breaks for families employing in-home child care workers, and 3) universal free preschool beginning at age 3,” Slate reports.

In America, however, wages are stagnant and the government provides little relief for children over a certain age, so what options are available to single low income moms who can’t afford child care? Mothers are now faced with the choice of whether to earn a living or care for their children.