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Many Jamaicans feel Americans have gone overboard on homosexuality

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Recently on Gay Pride Day when millions flaunted tolerance and support for the LGBT community, in one Caribbean city, more than 25,000 people rallied against the international parade by supporting a newly organized civil society group named Jamaica Cause — Churches Action Uniting Society for Emancipation.

“Our emancipation means standing up for strong families, our emancipation means standing against the homosexuality agenda, emancipation for us means standing up against the repealing of the buggery law,” Alvin Bailey, chairman of the group said.

He said he plans to mobilize every Jamaican, church, temple and institution to unite around his agenda. “We will do all that is righteous and Godly to accomplish the cause,” Bailey said.

“We are standing here today because we want to see the moral thermometer of our nation rise again,” Rev. Donald Cole said.

“The seeds of greed and selfishness have been sown in the soil of corruption in public and private sector.”

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