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Man Beαts Girlfriend’s Lover With Flat Iron, Then Stαbs Him to Deαth

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Former Palm Beach Central Football Player Zedric Joseph Finds Girlfriend In Bed With Another Man.

Zedric Joseph

Reported by Andrew Scot Bolsinger

After catching his girlfriend in bed with a lover, a former Palm Beach Central High School football star allegedly held the pair hostage while he murdered the man by stabbing him and beating him with a hair iron, according to newly released police reports

Police say 24-year-old Zedric Joseph killed his girlfriend’s lover after he broke into her apartment and found the two having sëx, according to a local television news station. The incident occured in March.

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies found Ricardy Chery, of Riviera Beach, dead from multiple stab wounds. Joseph’s girlfriend, Vasti Laurore, 23, had called police to report the incident and had a severe cut to her hand requiring stitches, according to an arrest report.

Laurore told police that she and Chery were in her locked apartment bedroom Joseph broke through the bedroom door holding a black-handled knife and immediately began stabbing Chery repeatedly all over his body.

Laurore said Chery rolled off the bed trying to get away and begged Joseph to stop stabbing him. Joseph reportedly responded “N—- you gone die! You gone learn,” according to police reports.

Joseph ordered them to their knees on the floor, after which he began kicking Chery and spitting on him, Laurore’s testimony to police stated. Laurore said she begged him to stop, and he put the knife to her throat and said “You gone die today.”

Joseph then picked up a flat hair iron and began to beat Chery with it. Laurore said she tried to dial 9-1-1 on her cell phone, but Joseph took it and threw it. Joseph soon left the apartment.

Laurore and Joseph had been together for five years. They have a child together.

Joseph was arrested on charges of first-degree murder, burglary, kidnap, and aggravated battery and remained held in Palm Beach County Jail without bond Thursday.


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