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Ladies: 5 Signs That It’s Time to Move the Hell On |

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toxicby Anna Bella

Are you listening to your heart or your head?  Should you admit to yourself that you know, deep down, that perhaps he’s not the right one for you, and it would be better to let him go rather than stay in a toxic relationship?  Often, we don’t need to go to a clairvoyant to find out the answer.  It’s usually deep within us.

Letting go of the man you thought you would love until your dying day is always difficult and emotionally painful. Sometimes the emotional pain can feel even worse than physical pain.  But in time, you will come to realize that it was for the best and you are much happier without him.  And who knows, it could just lead to someone much better and much more worthy of you!
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5 Reasons to Leave him Behind in a Toxic Relationship

1.  He doesn’t take your calls, ignores your texts and makes excuses not to spend time with you.  I’m sorry, ladies, this is a huge red flag that says, “I’m not really that into you. ” If he really felt something for you, he would be communicating whenever he could.

Give him the boot and find someone who wants to laugh, love, and live with you.

2.  If he doesn’t introduce you to his best mates within six months, or has a few too many ‘lady’ friends that he sees regularly without you.  This is a clear sign that he is not ready to settle down and probably wants to keep testing the waters.  Give him the clear ‘thumbs down’ sign and walk away.

Six months is long enough to know if you want to be seen as a couple or not.  Move on to someone who only wants to play in your  field rather than others.

3.  If he cheats on you, he’s out.  Things will never be the same.  You may forgive him, but can you truly trust him?  The relationship obviously wasn’t right in his eyes to begin with (no matter how good it seemed to you), or he wouldn’t have strayed.  Affairs don’t begin out of thin air and at some point, it’s a conscious decision whether to cheat or not.

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