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Ladies: 3 Reasons Why He Needs to Help You With House Chores

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chorseby Anna Bella

These days, the modern man does not come home and expect to be handed a drink, be led to the couch where he can put his feet up, watch the news and have dinner served to him when he’s ready.

Well, okay, my man gets that royal treatment quite a bit, but he is most deserving of it.  He works hard all day, commutes an hour each way to and from work and needs to fit in exercise as his job requires him to be fit and ready for action.

But he still finds time to help cook dinner (especially on weekends), iron our clothes and help out with the housework.  He is ironing as I write this article and whistling away to himself.  You see, every relationship requires, understanding, commitment and communication.

When he first came into the relationship, I made it quite clear that although I am full of love, romance and everything he desires in a relationship, I am not his mother, slave or carer.  I am his partner and he should respect our relationship enough to understand that.  We set our expectations, concerns and what we wanted (and needed) from each other and bazinga! It worked!  Our relationship includes him helping with the housework and yours should too.

If you still need convincing, here are 3 good reasons why he should help with the housework.

1. Equal Partnership – In today’s relationships, both couples usually work.  So it would be unfair for one person to work all day, then be expected to come home and do housework on top of it.  Likewise, if one of you has decided to be the breadwinner in your relationship while the other works, it means that in essence, you both have full time jobs and you need to share the work load together.

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