Keenan Ivory Wayans passed Chris Rock and Martin Lawrence for “In Living Color”

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keenanWho could forget one of the most classic sketch comedy television series in history?

Today’s general audience is a little on the young side, but there are still ways to experience the hilariousness that was In Living Color.

In Living Color ran from 1990 – 1994 with five seasons and 127 episodes, and it got its name from harboring a cast that was predominantly black, which was different from the usual sketch comedy shows that had a primarily white cast (Saturday Night Live).

Comedic brothers Keenen and Damon Wayans created, wrote, and starred in the show, and they had actors alongside of them that would soon make major moves within their own careers.

Besides the entire Wayans family having regular roles throughout the show, In Living Color also featured actors such as Jim Carrey, David Alan Grier, Jamie Foxx, and Tommy Davidson—all before they made it big!

The show even featured an opening theme song from rappers Heavy D and Eddie F and routines from the show’s dance group The Fly Girls, which had Jennifer Lopez as a member and Rosie Perez as the group’s choreographer. Both Lopez and Perez are now actresses, and Lopez is also a well-known singer.

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