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Job loss with a baby on the way: How Dominique Reese turned a setback into a power play

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dominiqueby Dr. Boyce Watkins

Dominique Reese is a very successful financial planner, Princeton graduate and all-around financial superstar.  I met her through another financial genius, Ryan Mack, so I am quite familiar with her commitment to financial literacy in the African American community.

In this interview, Dominique talks about losing her job right before finding out that she was pregnant.  She says that it was a devastating revelation, particularly since she’d just moved across the country to take a corporate job with Nestwise, a financial start-up.

Dominique provides a candid converastion about how she overcame these challenges in order to run her own business.  She also talks about the way motherhood has shaped her vision as an entrepreneur and made her a better all-around human being.  We know that being a mother is the most important job in the world (being a father is a close second), since the mother is the person who shapes a child’s worldview and determines his potential.  If every mother on earth quit her job today, the world would descend into chaos.

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