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Joans Rivers says President Obama is gay and Michelle Obama is Transexual

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Joan Rivers is an older and controversial comedian who loves to push the envelope. But some are saying that she chose to push things a little bit too far.  Rivers got into trouble this week for remarks she made about President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama.

Rivers was at a gay wedding that she’d just officiated at the book signing for “Diary of a Mad Diva.
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”  A reporter asked Rivers if she ever thought that there would be a gay president.

To the reporter’s surprise, Rivers said, “We already have it with Obama, so let’s just calm down.

Rivers didn’t stop there.  She then went on to say that First Lady Michelle Obama is herself transexual.

“You know Michelle is a tranny,” she said.

The stunned reporter asked her to clarify her remarks, and Rivers then stated “A transgender. We all know.”

The comments have flooded the Internet and upset those who are loyal to the president and first lady.  Supporters of the president are demanding an apology from Rivers.

This is not the first time that President Obama has been publicly linked to the gay community is surprising ways.   Back in 2012, Newsweek named Obama America’s “First Gay President,” applauding him for numerous advances in gay rights during his tenure as president.   The president didn’t respond to the first labeling and he probably won’t respond to this one either.

How do you think Rivers should be confronted about her remarks?  Should she be asked to produce evidence of her assertion, or should the allegations be denied outright?  If any of this were true, what would this change about your views of the president and first lady?

Joan Rivers’ real name is Joan Alexandra Molinsky.  She was born in 1933, which might officially make it OK for her to say things that could come off as a bit “out there.”   She became famous way back in 1965 as a host of “The Tonight Show,” and was mentored by the late Johnny Carson.  Johnny is probably rolling over his in grave over this one.

You can watch the video of Rivers’ statement here.