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Is Marriage Too Much of a Risk For Today’s Men?

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riskby Anna Bella

I wrote an article recently about what women really want a modern day man to be and behave like. But for the modern day man, is marriage a good investment?  I mean, marriage is hard work!  Lots of fun, lots of great moments, but you have to work at it in the leaner times to get it back on track and stick together…

Look at it from his perspective.  Currently he’s probably living at home, very comfortably, without having too much responsibility.  Or he could be living with you, very comfortably and not having to make any further commitment.  If he got married, things would change!

How Much Would He Have to Invest?

Time – He would be expected to spend some of his time doing chores around the house.  My man is ironing all his work shirts even as I write this.  The modern man is expected to contribute to his share of cooking, cleaning, ironing, and whatever else needs doing around the house.  Some couples like to divide the chores into outside/inside chores.  Others take turns.  Whatever works for each individual couple, but today’s modern man will be expected to contribute his time and efforts to the relationship.

Money – Rent, mortgage and bills need to be paid and he would be expected to contribute.  This puts pressure on the modern man, because he has to now make sure his job is sufficient enough to support a whole family if you both decide you want children later on.  Even if you don’t want children, today’s modern man still wants to be able to provide for his family, regardless of whether it’s just the two of you or not.

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