Is it worth it? Women may get prison time for stealing piles of hair weave

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weaveBy: Krystle Crossman

Many women depend on other people’s hair to make them look good. They buy extensions and weaves that are made from real hair to either add to their thinning hair or add length to their short hair. Extensions are high in demand when they are real, so four Houston women decided that they were going to lift the faux hair from a shop on Alameda in Houston and try to resell it.

On Nov. 16, 2013, four women were seen entering the Mr. Indian Hair store and grabbing as many bundles of hair as they could within a few seconds. They ran out of the store with over $15,000 worth of hair extensions. The owner of the store said that each bundle sells for $150-$200. They are really high in demand because celebrities are wearing them, which is why women are clamoring for them. A surveillance tape caught the women stealing the hair and running from the store but this was not what led to their arrest.

When the four women walked into the store, they spoke with the only attendant that was working. They knew that this was the only employee in the store at the time. They asked about a piece that they didn’t see out on the sales floor, which sent the employee out to the back to search for the piece. As soon as the employee went to the back of the store, the four women made a mad dash for all of the extensions that they could hold. The store owner said that he was not surprised that his store had been targeted because of how in-demand the pieces were.

Two of the women were caught and arrested after they tried to sell the extensions online. Customers of the store found photos of the pieces online and recognized the store that they came from. They alerted the owner. Two of the women are still on the run. The four women will all face felony theft charges.