Is Deitrick Haddon calling TD Jakes a Financial Hypocrite?

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Reported by Nigel Boys

When Bishop T.D Jakes, pastor of the Potter’s House Church in Dallas, Texas, said that he thought the reality show TV “Preachers of L.A.” was a pile of junk, which is in the process of filming its second season, he upset quite a few people including some of the stars.

Jakes went on to say that the ministers who are featured in the show, including Deitrick Haddon, Clarence McClendon, Noel Jones, Jay Haizlip, Ron Gibson and Wayne Chaney should be ashamed of themselves for barefacedly flaunting their expensive lifestyles on the show. He added that the show was supposed to draw people to God, but it seems to be driving them away in droves, when they see these ministers in the flashy cars, expensive mansions and designer suits.
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However, although he was upset by Jakes comments, because the Dallas megachurch pastor is also famous for using unconventional methods to share the Word of God, Haddon doesn’t want to start a slanging match with the respected Bishop.

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