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How Self-Assured Are You? | T. Denise Manning

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By T. Denise Manning

It comes a point in time in a woman’s life when the petty mess doesn’t affect her or her world. The rude remarks of ” she think she all that” or ” who she think she is” or ” she think she betta than everybody” don’t raise a hair on her eyebrow because she knows those comments, remarks come from the insecurities of the person saying them. Being a self-assured woman means you’re confident in who you are and you know your own worth. Knowing your worth is very important to any woman, not knowing WHO you are or WHAT your worth can cause you to believe falsehoods about yourself or another’s perception of you.

A self-assured woman walks and speaks in confidence. Her confidence is not only shown within but on her outer presence as well. It all boils down to self-esteem and when you have genuine self-esteem it shows in your daily life. Those that don’t possess it may envy or even hate you for having it. Self-esteem doesn’t come from buying or wearing a new pair of red bottoms, having a foreign car or even having a man with a six figure income. Self-esteem comes from a love you have for yourself. Speaking for myself.

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