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How Do You Know It’s Time To Consider The Entrepreneur Path? | Sheila Agnew

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entrepeneurBy Sheila Agnew

I am often asked about entrepreneur endeavors, how to get started, marketing, promotions and other managerial tools for aspiring business owners. It’s difficult to say one thing will work for everyone, but some things are consistent with successful start-ups.

There is usually a signal prompting you. I refer to this signal as a flashlight.  When the flashlight starts shining on your vision, that’s a sign it may be time for you to consider an entrepreneur path. The flashlight reveals that there is something you need to do, something utterly unique that will have an impact on you and possibly many others.

My belief is the entrepreneur path should first include prayer and planning, proceeded by action and passion. While there are many aspects to starting a business, these are five basic steps.

1.  Research your potential business extensively including developing a market analysis.

2.  Devise a Plan of Action (business plan, marketing plan, goals and objectives).

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