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How Artist Stomps on Society’s Beauty Ideals

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afroBy: Krystle Crossman

Women today are struggling to keep up with what they think that society wants them to be. They try crazy fad diets and exercise trends to stay as in shape as they possibly can. Some will even go to crazy lengths such as plastic surgery to make themselves look like the picture-perfect celebrities that are seen on television.
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It is hard to have a healthy body image when you are constantly bombarded with photos of stars that have personal trainers and enough money to eat as healthy as they wish. In the wake of all of this Carol Rossetti, a Brazilian designer, decides to use her art as a medium to tell women that they are beautiful just the way they are.

The pieces of art that Rossetti has displayed show many different situations that women go through every day such as racial stereotypes, body image issues, and judgment from others. For example, there is a piece that states, “Jane was told that she would be really pretty if she lost some pounds” and then shows a picture of a beautiful black woman who is not stick thin. Below the photo it says, “Jane, your beauty and your self-esteem are not defined by your weight (and it’s likely that those who said that would be prettier if they knew when to SHUT UP).

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