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Grammy Award-Winning producer says urban music is destroying black youth

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In this video, Grammy Award winning producer/song-writer Carvin Haggins talks about the changes that have been seen in music on the radio.  Haggins says that as he listens to the music on public airwaves, he’s finding that the songs he hears are “disrespectful,” “degrading” and “tearing our children down.”

He says that as a parent and concerned citizen, someone has to speak out about the music being promoted which has the common theme of “sex, murder, drugs, kill, drinking.”  He says that these kinds of themes are unacceptable, and concerned citizens should mobilize to stop it.  He has created a campaign with the hashtag #RageAgainstTheRatchet, to bring awareness to this very serious problem.

Carvin says that he feels that music should uplift you and make you feel good.  He compares it to old school artists like Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye and James Brown.  The singer is concerned about the fact that this kind of uplifting music is no longer being created today, and has been replaced by something more sinister.   He says that as a song writer, he once leaned toward ways that he could improve upon the work done by his predecessors, but those days are no more, since young artists today don’t have any productive music to relate to.

READ MORE via Financial Juneteenth | Grammy Award-Winning producer says urban music is destroying black youth.


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