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French politician refers to her black colleague as a chimp

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By Dr. Sinclair Grey III

In France, a former far-right local politician, Anne-Sophie Leclère was sentenced to nine months in prison for comparing a black cabinet minister to a chimpanzee.

The black cabinet minister who was the victim of this verbal assault is Ms. Christiane Taubira.

In displaying images of Ms. Taubira and a chimpanzee on her Facebook page, Ms. Leclère said of the first image ‘at 18 months old’ and the second image as ‘now.’

According to reports, “challenged about the images in a TV documentary last year, Ms. Leclère, 33, said: ‘on the whole I would rather see (Ms.Taubira) in the branches of a tree than see her in the government.” She was rapidly expelled from the FN as part of a drive by its leader, Marine Le Pen to clean up the party.”

In addition to Ms. Leclère being expelled, The Front National was found guilty of inciting hatred (racial) by a court at Cayenne in Guyane in the French West Indies. The FN was fined €30,000. Ms. Leclère, from Rethel in the Ardennes on the Franco-Belgian border, was given a nine months’ jail sentence, fined Euros 50,000 and banned from politics for five years.’

Since this judgment, The French National and Ms. Leclère have appealed.

The leaders of The French National label the judgment as ‘judicial ambush’ ‘immoral’ and politically biased.’ Reason being – the case was heard in Ms. Tauriba’s birthplace. The French National also state there was no defense lawyer in Cayane willing to take on the case.

Florian Philippot, the secretary general of the FN, believes the sentence given to Ms. Leclère was extreme given the fact that criminals who massacre people receive lighter sentences.
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Ms. Leclère said the remarks were a joke, but the joke was on her and she must pay for her senseless and cruel remarks.

Ms. Taubira 62, is an academic and lawyer who turned to politics. Through her hard work and determination, she has reached one of the top posts in the French government.

Here’s something disturbing: “Soon after Ms. Leclère’s attack on her on Facebook, Ms. Taubira was greeted by anti-gay marriage protesters on a visit to Angers in central France. They included children carrying bananas for the monkey.”


Dr. Sinclair Grey III is an inspirational speaker, motivator, radio personality, author, life coach, and committed advocate for change. Contact him at or on Twitter @drsinclairgrey.