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Former Cop on Eric Garner Police killing: “They didn’t try to save him”

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garnerby Dr. Boyce Watkins

Former police officer Ken Williams gives direct and specific information about the police death of Eric Garner, who died in the hands of the NYPD. According to Williams, the officers involved in the incident, along with the medical personnel in involved in the case, were blatantly negligent in not administering CPR to Garner when he was on the ground.

Williams also says that there was a fraud committed by officers and medical professionals who basically pretended that a deceased man was alive while the cameras were rolling.  Garner’s eyes were open and his chest wasn’t moving up and down, yet the EMT appeared to try to speak to him as if he were alive.

Garner was being stopped by police for allegedly selling untaxed cigarettes. He became upset that officers had been harassing him, when they suddenly took him to the ground. The officers used a chokehold that is considered to be deadly force by the United States Supreme Court, since it cuts off the oxygen supply to the brain.

Garner has been arrested by the NYPD over 30 times for selling the cigarettes, and has fought his cases diligently.
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 According to Legal Aid representatives in the city, Garner wanted to take all of his cases to trial.  He even filed a handwritten complaint against the NYPD after he was forced to endure a cavity search in public in front of all of the passers by.

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