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For Ladies Only: How To Know If He’s The One | Early Jackson

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ladiesBy Early Jackson

In recent months I have had a ton of inquiries from ladies looking to invest in relationship coaching. The really interesting thing is these ladies are for the most part single. It is encouraging to know that people are looking to take their relationships to the next level and understand that coaching is an invaluable way to do that. If a professional athlete employs the abilities of a private trainer to gain an edge on the playing field, how much more can we obtain the relationship of our dreams by partnering with experienced and knowledgeable coaches in the industry?

One of the main themes of my conversations with them centers around one question; how do I know I am dating or about to get serious with the “right one?” Well that’s a loaded question and I want to share, from my perspective, a window into my answers.

First, anyone can know when they are connecting to the person they should be by this simple test. Ask yourself, Am I the best “me” when I am with them? In other words, are you feeling the freedom to be your true authentic self when you’re with them? If not, no matter how you shape it up, that’s probably NOT the guy for you.

Here are four (4) easy signs to look for when determining if he is ‘The One’

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