Father of the Year: Dad hid heroin in his baby’s diaper

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By Nigel Boys

Michael Penn was walking along the streets of New Castle, Delaware, with his three young children, obviously unaware that a warrant had been issued for his arrest for shoplifting from a Verizon store.

Upon seeing him, New Castle Police spotted Penn and told him to stop where he was, so he did what any “normal father” would do, he stuffed the drugs he was carrying into the pants of his 8-month-old baby boy’s diaper, according to police.

Just before the officers took 25-year-old Penn into custody, he was spotted shoving something into his infant son’s pants. Officers then discovered that Penn had put 16 baggies of heroin into the young child’s diaper, according to Senior Lt. Adam Brams.

It became obvious that the unrepentant thief was out with his children selling drugs, when police officers discovered that the baggies of heroin were stamped with names such as “Bioshock” and “Death.”

Along with the shoplifting charge, Penn was also charged with three counts of endangering the welfare of a child, resisting arrest, possession of heroin, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Obviously, the father had not known about the arrest warrant for shoplifting from a Verizon store in New Castle, otherwise he wouldn’t have been so silly to be found in possession of illegal drugs, or would he?

Penn has been identified as the thief who stole a Samsung tablet and other items from the Verizon store last month, when detectives viewed a store surveillance video, according to Brams.  According to Brams, when officers first saw Penn on the streets, he was carrying his 8-month-old son and 5-year-old daughter while his other son, 7, rode a bicycle by his side.

Brams went on to say that Penn told the arresting officers that he had tried to hide the drugs down the pants of his child because he was scared. He added that Penn was also found in possession of another bag containing a Xanax pill, for which he had no prescription. The total weight of heroin recovered from the infant’s diaper was .24 grams.

Penn’s three children were turned over into the custody of their grandmother and Family Services have been notified, according to court documents.

Penn was later released on $4,500 unsecured bail bond pending a hearing before the courts.



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    July 11, 2014 at 12:16 pm

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    • Misty

      July 17, 2014 at 2:53 am

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  4. Misty

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