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Documentary says frustrated black men are going to Brazil to meet women

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The popular documentary “Frustrated,” seems to be saying that there is a growing gap between black men and black women.  Black women are now the most educated group of people in America, and black men are the least educated.  With education comes various forms of economic prosperity and men are expected to be able to provide when they become the heads of households.

So, what’s the solution here?  It can’t be for black women to become less educated, or less hard working.  Is there an attitude problem between black men and black women?  What has feminism done to confuse the roles of men and women within the household?  This documentary explores all of these questions.

Here’s more from Youtube:

Al Greeze decided to produce Frustrated after reading a September 2006 Essence Magazine article (Blame it On Rio) written by Professor William Jelani Cobb, which stated that African men were travelling to Brazil for sex vacations with Brazilian prostitutes and the adulation of the Brazilian women Greeze wanted to either confirm or deny and reveal the answers from the men themselves and find out if it is for love and companionship or just sex. The effect may have been suspected but what is the cause?

Through research, personal accounts and testimonies from the men who fall in love or date Brazilian women and the reaction and opinions of the women both in the U.S. and in Brazil, the film touches and unlocks some heartfelt emotions to these complex issues including the economic and educational divide between the sexes and the possibly unachievable roles each places on the other. Although the film exams the controversial topic of relationships outside of the African American race and the country, the film’s goal is to elicit open conversation and communication amongst men and women, strengthen the family dynamic and give both sides a platform to give an honest account.

Frustrated ask such questions as why are African American men finding love outside of their race, what do they feel is missing from African American woman and are African American women now in competition with Brazilian women as they are with other races…is there really a threat, or are the women saying good riddance we don’t need you or are they fighting for their men?

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