Columbus Short On His Divorce: ‘This Thing Is Going to Happen And It’s Sad’

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Columbus Short reveals that he was not involved in domestic abse and that he and his wife are actually going to divorce this time. www.naturallymoi.com


Reported by Andrew Scot Bolsinger

Columbus Short, former cast member of the hit show “Scandal,” discussed his unraveling personal life in an interview with “Access Hollywood.”

“The last three months, I have to say, have been one of the most trying times of my life. I think there’s a time when your personal life gets magnified by who we are as celebrities,” he told the show’s host, Billy Bush. “I’ve always believed that the truth is good enough, like, sometimes the truth is ugly, right? And it’s good enough, but I think what happens in the media is they make grandiose versions of these stories.”

Short added, “But I’m here to say today that I’m still here, I’m focused, I’m grinding. Both of those two cases that you were speaking of earlier, those are dropped. So you know, one by one, it’s just like slowly but surely just chipping away at this thing.”

Short denied reports about a fight over the Fourth of July weekend with a bouncer.

“There was no fight. I was involved in no fight,” he said. “I was with a group of people that were eating, I went to the bathroom, I came back and there was an altercation ensuing when I came back. And me being [like], ‘Whoa, let’s break it up,’ it was a misunderstanding and I guess the cops thought I was someone involved in the situation. And then they grabbed me up, and by the time I was on the ground … I apologized to the officers later, [but] I said some pretty choice words [when] I was already in cuffs.”

Short then addressed the well-documented problems with his estranged wife, Tanee Short, saying reports of domestic abuse were wrong.

“I’ll take ownership … me and my wife, we’re going through problems—serious problems,” he said. “However, the domestic part of it, I’m not a physically viοlent man.”

Tanee Short, who filed for divorce, cancelled it, and then refilled again, claimed in court documents her husband threatened to stαb her as he pinned her to a couch.

“I’ve never put my hands on a woman physically, I was raised by a woman,” he said. “I think people were hurt, feelings were hurt.”

“Your wife filed for divorce and got a restraining order,” Bush stated. “What’s the status there? Is the divorce going forward, and is the restraining order in effect now?”

“The divorce is going forward, there is a restraining order that’s in effect,” Short replied. “This thing is going to happen and it’s sad.”


Andrew Scot Bolsinger won more than two dozen press awards during his journalism career. He is a freelance writer, author and operates www.criminalu.co, which is focused on prison reform. He can reached at Andrew.Bolsinger@gmail.comand can be followed @CriminalUniv on Twitter.


  1. Arnett V Cooper

    July 9, 2014 at 7:55 pm

    Keep your head up Brother Columbus you will overcome these challenges the hell with the racist media and anyone who has a problem with you I pray you will be back either on TV or films at least you are being a man of dealing with your issues God will give you another opportunity to get your business together although I am not a fan of Scandal or even Grey’s Anatomy but I pray that you Sister Kerry and even Sister Shonda will wake up

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