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College Student Accidentally Sends Nαked “Sëxt” Message to Dad Instead of Boyfriend

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Nyjah Cousar accidentally sent her father an inappropriate message that was meant for her boyfriend while in the shower.

Nyjah Cousar

Reported by Andrew Scot Bolsinger

An inadvertent pocket dial is rarely a good thing, but an inadvertent text of nαked photos mistakenly sent to a father instead of a boyfriend, well, it’s a nightmare, or perhaps an opportunty to star in a social media reality show of your own making.

That nightmare was all too true for Nyjah Amhari Cousar, a college student from Inglewood, California, who sent an image of herself while in the shower to “Daddy” rather than her boyfriend “Dasquan,” according to her Twitter feed.

“OMG how do you cancel a text message!!” she wrote.

Not only did she not cancel, she kept posting about her mishap.

Her father texted her, “Are you serious? Is this what you do while you’re at school?? for Money?”

After calling her and getting voice mail, he texted again, all of which Cousar posted to various social media networks.

“Nyjah I’m very disappointed that you aren’t answering my calls. I spoke with your mother and she’s disappointed as well. I’ll be at your house as soon as I get off so answer the door,” he texted, according to Nyjah’s screen grabs.

The comments began flying, including some that cautioned the screen grabs could be fakes: “It’s not that tough to stage iPhone screenshots, so this could be a hoax,” wrote Gawker. Cousar posted videos on her Instagram account that reveal what happened when her father finally got home. Where she locks herself in the bathroom.

“This aint no game,” her father says when she finally confronts him. “Your supposed to be [at school] taking care of business.”

Cousar spent most of the day updating her Twitter followers, and recently retweeted a message from her sister, Christina Manning.

“Always knew my sister would get big off something crazy. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Swear @dearfashionn came out the womb reckless,” Manning wrote.

Cousar’s Twitter followers now number nearly 18,500. Her main photo is a provocative shot of her backside and her own little reality show seems to have drawn her the attention she desired, intentional or otherwise.

“You a fool,” one poster tweeted in response to the drama.


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