Clark Atlanta University security guard arrested for being a Peeping Tom

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Reported by Liku Zelleke

Peeping Tom charges have been brought against a Clark Atlanta University guard who was arrested last week, according to police. Kenyon Strozier was arrested for allegedly looking into the window of a residence in the Castleberry Hill Neighborhood.

Strozier, 37, who has been working at the school for over three years, was off duty and off campus at the time of the incident.

He was caught after an eyewitness, Dawn Evans, saw him peeking through one of her neighbor’s bedroom windows. She said that she had just stepped out of the shower when she saw a silhouette of a person outside her window. When she went and took a closer look she saw a man wearing a Clark Atlanta Security uniform standing against the wall of her neighbor’s house and looking into the window of their bedroom.

She said that when he realized she had spotted him, he quickly ran away.

When Evans went over to her neighbor’s, Dontreesia Jones’ house, she found out that Jones too had seen the man and had also noted that he was wearing a Clark Atlanta Security uniform. She said that the man had been looking through the window of her 9-year-old daughter’s room. Her daughter, she added, had also told her that there had been a man looking through her window for the past two weeks.

Evans provided the police with a picture of the suspect. Ironically, she was able to recognize the man because he lived in her building a year ago and was kicked out because of peeping Tom complaints that were lodged against him.
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Police then recognized the suspect as Strozier who happened to be at the Clark Atlanta Headquarters at the time of arrest.

He is currently being held in Fulton County jail.

Clark Atlanta University emailed a statement that read, “Clark Atlanta University neither condones, nor will it tolerate this behavior … The University has suspended the officer without pay and all of his University gear has been retrieved. Further action is pending the outcome of a thorough investigation, which will proceed as swiftly as possible.”