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Black Women Are Targets of “That Hο Over There” Meme

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If you pay attention to Twitter hash tags, then you’ve probably come across #ThotWalk tag. thot.jpgStill, unless you’re young, you probably have no idea what it even means.

As it turns out, the hash tag stands for “That Hο Over There” and relates to a walk people are supposed to do when they see a hο, and we’re not talking about the gardening tool, walking down the street.

So now, if you go to the social media site Vine, you’ll see videos people have made doing  “That Hο Over There” walk and not surprisingly, many of the targets of such slυt shaming are black women.

According to the meme, people are supposed to do something akin to a duck walk when they see a “thot”.

The Daily Dot describes the origin of the trend:

The phrase and the accompanying dance—which looks sort of like someone attempting to leap over puddles in slow, rhythmic motion—stems from an eponymous song by Atlanta-based rapper Kayleb with Yung Cyph and John Boy.

The original track has had more than 650,000 views since it was posted on YouTube in April, and an official video for the song recently premiered on the website WorldStarHipHop.

The song’s lyrics describe a “thot” who is “showing off her body on her Instagram/just to get 100 likes on her picture” and “doing anything for attention/on Twitter just to get a mention,” which sounds a lot like what the rappers were doing when they posted their video to WorldStarHipHop.

Then, the song goes on to make some unabashedly slυt shaming comments about what the women should be doing with their bodies. And of course, since the meme derives from hip-hop, the targets are overwhelming black women.