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Black Women Are Targets of “That Hο Over There” Meme

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If you pay attention to Twitter hash tags, then you’ve probably come across #ThotWalk tag. thot.jpgStill, unless you’re young, you probably have no idea what it even means.

As it turns out, the hash tag stands for “That Hο Over There” and relates to a walk people are supposed to do when they see a hο, and we’re not talking about the gardening tool, walking down the street.

So now, if you go to the social media site Vine, you’ll see videos people have made doing  “That Hο Over There” walk and not surprisingly, many of the targets of such slυt shaming are black women.

According to the meme, people are supposed to do something akin to a duck walk when they see a “thot”.

The Daily Dot describes the origin of the trend:

The phrase and the accompanying dance—which looks sort of like someone attempting to leap over puddles in slow, rhythmic motion—stems from an eponymous song by Atlanta-based rapper Kayleb with Yung Cyph and John Boy.

The original track has had more than 650,000 views since it was posted on YouTube in April, and an official video for the song recently premiered on the website WorldStarHipHop.

The song’s lyrics describe a “thot” who is “showing off her body on her Instagram/just to get 100 likes on her picture” and “doing anything for attention/on Twitter just to get a mention,” which sounds a lot like what the rappers were doing when they posted their video to WorldStarHipHop.

Then, the song goes on to make some unabashedly slυt shaming comments about what the women should be doing with their bodies. And of course, since the meme derives from hip-hop, the targets are overwhelming black women.



  1. Anthony allen

    July 29, 2014 at 1:27 pm

    Sounds like some male bitches hating on women that they are not man enough to speak to respectfully. These so called black men are really in the closet. Not meaning gay but referring to their lack of manhood and what that should mean. They dont raise the children they produce and dont support the women they produce them with. They know who they are. They are the ones who should be shamed. Pants sagging clowns and punks with kool aid on their cheeks. I raised my son better and he is, and im raising my grandsons better even though their sperm donors are pants sagging bitches. Keep your daughters away from them. They will thank you later.

  2. Jessica

    July 29, 2014 at 1:43 pm

    This is a black Male problem; and it up to black MEN to fix it!

  3. Read and think !

    July 29, 2014 at 2:02 pm

    I agree that this is a Black male problem and it need to be address by them. Not all Black men think and behave this way. Sagging pants, disrespect and attitude are the 3 reason these guys are who they are today.

  4. Jeana

    July 29, 2014 at 3:13 pm

    I think this is putting the young hot ladies in their places, but the only problem is the language used in the video. Ok,; girls show almost everything they have for trying to be rated the most likes. Now that’s disgusting and immature on these girls part and the guys are actually making fun of them. GIRLS WAKE UP! YOU ARE DOING THAT TO YOURSELVES. put some damn clothes on and stop poking your slips and sticking your ass out and if you are going to wear a weave or wig, try to make it look as natural as possible not like some clown. Have some respect for yourselves and others will have respect for you!

  5. Rhonda

    July 29, 2014 at 5:25 pm

    NO other culture in the world writes and performs songs about how horrible women are. Why are people paying for this foolishness. How do they think they got here…through a goat or a tree or maybe a test tube…I know s*x sells but this is ridiculous…What about the sagging pants? I don’t want to see your behind!!!! smh

  6. Hiroader2

    July 29, 2014 at 9:04 pm

    This article borders on conservative reverse logic meaning “If you call a racist, a racist, the accusation comes from a person who’s race baitingn… Why can a thot just be a thot.?. So the blogger of this article excuses “black women” of any and all regards of social conduct…, That exhibitionist “sagging pants or twerkers can’t be called on their social behaviors… Now it’s the black males fault for gullible, impressionable little girls who adopt stripper, prostitute or diva ways like the famous reality show stars or local club chicks publicly exploit themselves…. The thing about the sagging pants & the knockout “trends”.., The black males get “countered ” with (local ordnance) or judicial penalty… Whereas, where’s the outcry and social rejection by (Black Women) publicly protesting (along) young black males about those gullible weak minded blk women & girls who exploit & exhibition themselves for attention publicly or on social medias where they’re twerking , physically fighting… It’s gotten so that pointing the finger at these blk males is easy diversion, deviation than BLACK WOMEN correcting the female exhibitionist & self-exploiters… To *filter* what’s positive vs negative conduct for others to pattern themselves publicly…

  7. Hiroader2

    July 29, 2014 at 9:51 pm

    A thot is a thot.., ratchet is ratchet… During the Clinton administration black women protested ” massa, massa” that rappers were using the word (b*itch) in their lyrics.., In the 90’s that didn’t stop the women from exploiting & exhibitionist themselves (for money)… The entertainment industry went to the strip clubs & red light districts and put those women on stages and film (hence the current culture)…. People need to comprehend (IF SEX SELLS) who’s selling the DIVA, twerking, exhibition, portion?… And these black males are an “indicator” that the product has gotten to wack levels on a daily basis for them… The “rationale” where the blogger generalized black women as a group, perhaps she/he should not cowardly blindside these black males and personally get ***specifics*** on those women they judge as “THOTS”….

  8. S

    July 30, 2014 at 12:19 pm

    I did not bother to play the video because I know my intelligence precedes it. Unfortunately, this video and many like it make up the opinions of the younger generation. Hip hop gives a forum to the unintelligent and the uneducated, which is sad. Especially considered how rap originated and what it USED to be. This problem does not just lie with young black males, it lies with young black females also. Many do not realize the lack of respect and humiliation they provoke. We have a generation of girls whose number goal in life is to be on shows such as “Basketball Wives” or “Love and Hip Hop.” They have no respect for themselves so why should anyone else respect them. Let’s face it, we live in a sexist society. Men do not need a reason to disrespect women so image when they have reasons. I bet somewhere, some small-minded, uneducated girl is ‘twerking’ to this ignorance and is unable to comprehend the meaning—sad and disgusting to think. Regrettably, this is the world in which we live. The generation of kids being raised by single, uneducated, and poverty stricken parents have come to roost. The world of hashtags and social media. The world of, “I cannot have an intelligent conversation, but I can “twerk.” The world of, I cannot put two sentences together and form a complete sentence, but I can make a song and video about “thathooverthere.” It saddens me to even think that have a criminal record, smoking and drinking all day, having more babies that your grade level, and being jobless supersedes getting an education and being a productive and contributing citizen of society. This song, video, and the fools who listen to it are pathetic. I will continue be my best and let all those other fools do the rest!

  9. Devon

    July 31, 2014 at 4:07 am

    Real talk yall THOTS is real and they exist. Tellin yall somma these chicas out here will drop to their knees and suck dyck in a heartbeat. They fukk random dudes. Sheit they on instagram showin tittays and azz bent over dudes post sheit like I wanna run my dyck up in dat azz and they post back a tee hee. Dudes be postin their phone # so the THOTS can call and they can hook up. Tellin yall ole azz folks the chicas ride harder than dudes when it comes to sex and drankin and smokin blunts. THOTS go to rap concerts to hookup with rappers to fukk and suck for BRAGGIN RIGHTS and if they cant get to the rapper they mess with their entourage. Its some orgy sheit goin on up in there. When I used to club before I met my hubby THOTS would meet rappers at the club and give them head in the corne the bathroom it was COMMON to go to the ladies room and hear ppl fuckin and they come out the stall and head right out to the dance floor go outside drank smoke dance some more and hook up again. And they would brag about that sheit. Look yall dont have no problem callin blkmn deadbeat dads or thugs or losers when the sheit apply but yall got a problem with dudes who pull THOTS everyday rappin about it. Every blkwmn aint all virtuous and pristine you got some hardcore sista out here lookin for fast cash and fast life and they get with thugs gangstas pimps and rappers. They dont care if the rappers is married with kids they want that money they love sex and will give up the pussy to get that money. Its the hottest lookin chicas gettin it in. Why cant we call a chica a ho a THOT a sluut if thats what she is why be politically correct? You older ppl with teenage daughters somma yall daughters mighf be THOTS sheit when Im workin in NY I see ole azz THOTS too Im talkin in their 40’s. Noe they kinda stretched out and flabby from kickin out kids but there are dudes that will fukk these SR THOTS they say a hard dyck has no conscience. The rappers not talkin about decent young ladies that carry themselves nicely like ladies do they talkin bout ho’s and sluuts. Blk wmn gotta carry themselves the way they wanna be treated. Ppl treat you how you carry yourself. When I was a teen I wasnt treated like that and called names. Plus I grew up with a father in the home plus I had a older brother three uncles male cousins and both my grandpops to keep their eyes on me. Lotta these THOTS come from single mother homes with no strong protective pops in the home plus their brothers too busy thuggin and bangin and runnin up in THOTS to protect theyre sisters. Im just tellin yall like it is thats why blkwmn gotta stop havin all these OOW babies. Yall gotta go meet some decent brothas thats about somethin so yall can get married THEN have your kids and yall will have strong loving husbands for yallself and strong loving fathers for your daughters. Everybody talk about fatherless blk boys but nobody seem to talk about or care about fatherless blk girls and TRUST i know girls that didnt have fathers the girls I knew when we lived in Newark before moved to Morristown do yall realize those girls around my age now and they got TWO OR MORE KIDS NOW!!! YALL gotta bring back LOVE AND MARRIAGE to the community. Me and my brother was trained by our pops and moms to MARRY FIRST THEN HAVE KIDS. My older brother and his wife just welomed their first child a baby boy. Me and hubby gonna wait a couple of years then start our family. Tellin yall MOST of the problems in the community is becuz of lack of blk fathers in the home. Lots of good brothas out here african american……carribean american….haitian american….afro brazilian….afro cuban. My dude is afro belizian. Yall better stop all that miss independent i dont need no man to raise my kids bullsheit and find learn how to be INTERDEPENDENT and find a good brotha cuz yall DO need a good man for yourself and your future sons and daughters. Yall keep going the route yall goin yall just gonna be raisin kids by ya daym self and yall might end up with yall kids becomin thugs and THOTS.

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