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Black Women Are Ditching Dye, Flaunting Their Beautiful Gray Hair

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African American women of a certain age are gray and proud.

Cheeno Grey

Reported by Kacie Whaley 

Have you ever found yourself admiring a head full of silver hair?  Or maybe while looking in the mirror, you’ve recently discovered your first gray strand.  Perhaps you are among the many aging women who have vowed to keep the grays away with hair dye.  Whether achieving a look of “wisdom” by choice or by nature, the fact is that if we live long enough, we will likely encounter the graying process of our hair.

But now, instead of running to the local beauty supply store for dye, more women are deciding to wear a head full of gray with pride.

In 2012, The Grio reported on a group of African American ‘women of a certain age’ who were what they called “gray and proud.”  Darlene Evans said she had no shame in her grays, and men loved it.     “Women have been misled to believe that to be youthful-looking they need to have a solid hair color, which doesn’t include gray,” said the 58-year-old.  “Since I’ve gone gray, I get many compliments from guys who love my hair.”

Anne Kreamer, author of Going Gray: How to Embrace Your Authentic Self with Grace and Style, said she spent an estimate of $65,000 on hair dye in her lifetime, and now she finds dye completely unnecessary.  “We have been fooled by the beauty industry who market[s] gray hair, especially for women, as being unattractive,” says Kreamer via The Grio.

Now, younger women are also jumping on the “gray movement.”  Model/actress Cheeno Grey has posted several modelesque photos of herself donning a crown of gray on Instagram.  She said that when Kelly Osborn dyed her tresses silver, it inspired her to do the same, according to Huffington Post.  She first experimented with extensions, then “went through a long process to dye some really good quality hair.”

Cheeno couples the right make-up— foundation and bold, red lipstick— with hair products that keep her colorful locks looking shiny and healthy.

With so many women wearing gray, and wearing it well, it goes to show that gray hair doesn’t have to make women look old and decrepit.  Paired with confidence and the right upkeep, gray could be the new black.

Do you embrace your grays?

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