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Black Woman Slams Gay White Men For ‘Stealing Black Female Culture’

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Sierra Mannie is a senior at the University of Mississippi wrote an op ed for Time magazine telling white gay men to stop stealing Black female ghetto culture.


Reported by Krystle Crossman

Sierra Mannie is a senior at the University of Mississippi, and she has something to say to some of the white gay males out there: She wishes that you would stop acting “ghetto.” She also wishes you would stop trying to convince people that you are black with the “diva attitudes.” She expressed her frustrations in an op-ed titled “Dear White Gays: Stop Stealing Black Female Culture” that was published on

Mannie is fed up and here is why… Black people has always had it harder in the U.S. than white Americans. Black Ameriacans have to suffer through racism, degradation from ignorant people, and sometimes even segregation even in this day and age. Mannie states that there are very few things that black people have that is still their own. Their music is stolen (think Eminem and Iggy Azalea); their clothing styles are stolen; even their dances and their slang are stolen. All of it is adopted by other races and suddenly it becomes just another lifestyle instead of the black way of life.

It is not only tough for black men to live  in the U.S. with every other race trying to take certain culture characteristics, it is tough to be a black woman as well. Unlike Black men, Black women go through compounded oppression because they are female. Women still make less than men in the workforce and are still seen as the weaker gender. Men are still viewed as the ones who should be earning all of the money.

Mannie’s point is that it is hard enough to live as a black female in the U.S. without a white gay male coming in and trying to live a culture that he is not a part of. She states that it is not fair to black women for a gay white male to come in and act like her but then be able to hide that part of his personality when faced with oppression from others. He can hide the fact that he is gay. You cannot hide the color of your skin. Using another race’s culture and mannerisms to make light of situations is damaging and is plain offensive, according to Mannie. She says that white gay males don’t need to be a part of the problem, but it is easy for them to be a part of the solution.



  1. Deborah Bee

    July 10, 2014 at 11:59 am

    White people basically have no culture of their own, so they’re always stealing from others. Whites used to turn their noses up at black and African art, until Europeans started buying it, then they changed their minds.

  2. rasyahd

    July 10, 2014 at 12:38 pm

    Greek mythology = homosexuality
    Mix with an African WOMAN attitude.. lol
    Thats canines for u.

  3. Doris

    July 10, 2014 at 12:39 pm

    Sean Carter, you are sooooooooo right. While reading the article, I was shaking my head in disbelief. The title seemed interesting until I began reading the article. I for one do not claim whatever it is that gay men in general, black, white or any other color do. This article demonstrates to me how small minded Mannie is and she have the gall to be a senior in college. SMH!!!!!!

  4. Darlene

    July 10, 2014 at 4:09 pm

    In MANy ways I see what she is saying, however, you can live in the GHETTO (A JEWISH TERM and a way they lived DURING THE HOLOCAUST, WHICH HAS BEEN ADOPTED BY URBAN AMERICA) and not act GHETTOISH or uncivilized. But to be honest, all people have adopted the lifestyle, culture, etc., of the African American. Why? Because they are blessed with melanin, music, style and have innovative ideas that are useful and creative. Look at all of the inventions that are still in use today that were created by Black people. If you want to download the Black Inventors app I created which will give you the history of products you use today that black people invented go to and click on the app link. Yes black people’s music has been usurped by non blacks and yes their way of talk and their dance moves and their dress and their color (oh yeah people lacking melanin do want our tan lol). But I take that as a compliment not an insult. What should happen is that black people need to trademark their ways. Trademark your slang, your music, your style, your art, your writings, and then you will benefit from the stealing. And when black producers stop giving away their music to other types of artists and keep it with their own, they will not make a global impact. So if you think inside the box, you stay inside. I understand her frustration, but we are not in this world alone. Just look around you. I see so many black men and women wearing blonde hair as well as Asian folk. Do you think white people are walking around saying they trying to be white? I know that we are fly and others want to be like us.. Everybody wants to be black when it is convenient. EVERYBODY WANTS TO BE BLACK EXCEPT FOR BLACK FOLKS LOL. LOOK AT MY PEOPLE, WE DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF COLLECTIVE COHESIVENESS. WE FAIL TO PROTECT OUR YOUTH, OUR BUSINESSES GO UNDER BECAUSE WE DO NOT SUPPORT EACH OTHER, OUR MONEY IS SPENT ON NONSENSE, ON MATERIAL THINGS OF NO VALUE. OUR EDUCATION SUCKS AND WE FROWN AT OTHERS THAT COME HERE AND MAKE A BETTER LIFE FOR THEMSELVES, BECAUSE WE DO NOT STICK TOGETHER. I HAVE 7 books out. How many of my own people, even family members have supported my literary efforts? Maybe three of my five hundred family members. So what do I do? I reach out globally and that is who supported me. My TV shows, I try to help blacks get their businesses promoted and what do they do, try to pay you a little bit of money for major exposure. We devalue each other and expect others to respect us. When we stop criticizing and tearing each other down, and when rich black people reach back and love their women and men and support them, then the world will. Until then all men whether gay or straight will continue to ridicule, mock, steal, co op and do whatever they can to diminish our existence. WORK TOGETHER LIKE IT’S SEGREGATION AGAIN, MAYBE YOU WILL SEE A CHANGE IN THE WAY YOUR CULTURE IS PROTECTED, LOOK AT SOME JEWISH, ASIAN, HISPANIC PEOPLE, THEY LIVE THE AMERICAN DREAM BUT THEY never give up their identity. We are diverse people all over the world but we all have one common thread, we are human and we all want love, life, pursuit of happiness and shelter and the ability to take care of ourselves and our children. Some men have abandoned their family and this has caused a great disaster in the home life of the Black woman. Some of you women have to realize that you are not men and when you act like a man you chase the straight man away. If a black or white gay male acts like he is trying to be you it is because you have made an impact on the world via faulty media. Change the way you represent yourselves and people will not have a reference. We are not all the same, we have all had different experiences. We are not all ghetto minded, or criminal minded. We may live in a neighborhood but we are not all HOOD. No one can define who you are but you. Protect your identity and invest in collectiveness cohesiveness and remember charity begins at home. If you do not protect your family, your culture, then others will take it.

  5. Devon

    July 11, 2014 at 11:54 pm

    Well 1st ghetto aint black culture this diva mess aint black cultur and all that guuuuuurl and havin an attitude and neck rolling sheit aint black culture its ignorant sheit ignorant blkwmn d. 2nd blkwmn watch reality tv and support all the ratchetness on those shows the fights the weave snatchin and assorted stupid sheit then yall say sheit like its just a show when yall know dayum well its deeper than that. Then yall watch Rupal show and Tyler Perry and Ricky Smiley three black men dressing up like women. Then yall get mad at a gay white man stealing yall so called “culture” well i don’t give a sheit about a white fag stealing that sheit that aint black female culture and it dayum sure aint mine but you ladies can have at embracing bullsheit that makes us look ignorant and backwards maybe yall can meet up with the fag doin the clowning and hang out with him. Im not embracing a dayum thing that aint TRUE blk female culture.

  6. SweetTweet

    July 12, 2014 at 12:35 am

    Debra Bee whites are Europeans.

  7. Deborah Bee

    July 12, 2014 at 11:18 am

    SweetTweet, I know! And that’s the point! Once foreign Whites got interested in black and African art, then White Americans, gained a respect for it. Because they realized they could make money from it.

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