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Black Man Records Himself In a Scorching Hot Car In a Plea to Save Children

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Terry Williams has taken to social media to try to prevent another child from dying in a hot car.

Terry Williams

Reported by Andrew Scot Bolsinger

While the media and extreme Black feminists repeatedly attempt to portray all Black men as not being protectors of their family and community, a man out of North Carolina is proving them wrong.

Terry Williams has taken to social media to try to prevent another child from dying in a hot car. He video recorded his time in a hot car, explaining how he felt so parents could better understand what children or infants go through when they are left, even for a short time, in a scorching hot car during the summer months.

“I’m sitting in the car with the windows rolled up cause I want to know how it feels to be left in the car,” Williams says in a YouTube video. Williams posted the video, challenging people to experience what it’s like when parents leave their children in a car, even if only for a few minutes. “As you can see, I’m sweating, like I can barely breathe out here, but my system is stronger than these little kids systems,” Williams says.

The temperature that day was 90 degrees. But the temperature inside a car can rise as much as 20 degrees in 10 minutes. A child’s body temperature can increase three to five times faster than an adult’s, which means only minutes left alone in a car can be fatal for a child. “This is not a game, this is serious,” Williams said, sweating profusely.

Williams’ video has already been seen on YouTube nearly 2,000 times. Dozens of people are taking his challenge and posting their own videos on Williams’ Facebook page. “Terry Williams in Greensboro inspired this,” said one man from New Bern, N.C. “This one is for you Terry Williams, and all the little kids that didn’t get to live their wonderful life because someone forgot and left them in the hot car,” said another man from Hampton, Va. “We have sweated through our clothes, we can’t breathe, it’s hot in here and to imagine what children as well as animals go through, is mind blowing,” said a woman from Atlanta.

Williams is happy people are paying attention to his plea, he said. He just hopes those who need to hear it are listening.

“People think it can’t happen to them, but it can happen to anyone,” he said.


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