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Black female officer wins lawsuit for gender/racial discrimination

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Reported by Liku Zelleke

Metropolitan Officer Carol Howard has taken her bosses to court claiming that she had been discriminated against because of her sex and race. An employment tribunal has found the claim to be true and has decided that she should be compensated for her suffering after being singled out and targeted for almost a year.

Howard, 34, is a firearms officer in the Diplomatic Protection Group (DPG), a police force that provides protection for foreign embassies and missions in London. She is one of just 12 female officers in the force and one of two who are black. She was also the only black woman in a unit that was managed by Acting Inspector Dave Kelly, her boss.

According to the conclusion reached by the tribunal, Kelly subjected her to a “course of conduct that was detrimental to her” and that the Met “directly discriminated” against her “on the grounds of sex and race” in the period between 31st January and 29th October, 2012.

The tribunal judgment said that within a few weeks of becoming her line manager, Kelly “formed the view … that the claimant was dishonest and not to the standard required for DPG.” He proceeded to undermine, discredit and belittle her – at times in front of her colleagues.

When she approached him with her complaints of unfair treatment, Kelly “acted in a hostile and aggressive manner” by “shouting at her and waving his hands.”

Howard left in tears.

Howard’s case had support from the Metropolitan Police Federation whose chairman, John Tully, said, ”Whilst we are pleased that this judgment recognizes that racist and sexist behavior is unacceptable and is capable of being challenged, it is of concern that such issues are still prevalent in the Metropolitan Police Service, despite the many measures introduced to address the problem.

”Discrimination of any kind at any level is not acceptable in the police service and we must all work together to eradicate this.”


  1. Anthony Allen

    July 5, 2014 at 12:54 pm

    The white man policing himself ? Yeah right. Now they will find a way to do it more sublimely , since overt blew up in their face .

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