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Author tells Christians: Attacks on black women were foretold in Biblical Prophecy

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bibleWas it foretold in Bible prophecy?

A.K. Folami

In some circles, the Black woman has become Enemy #1. She is under attack from inside and outside the house. Some would have melanin-dominant women believe they are the root of most of the problems plaguing the Black community. Certain Black men blame them for their exodus and decision to date and marry women of other backgrounds. Commentators and researchers cite female headed households as the cause of a number of ills plaguing the Black family.

The attack is real and part of a conspiracy foretold long ago. You’re familiar with the Bible, right? The book of Revelations? Hold on! Don’t leave me now. You don’t have to agree. Just think on it.

I understand Revelations is a book FULL of symbols that have varying interpretations, depending on what your belief system is, if you choose to have one. Here I’m simply taking a few verses at their face value to make a point on this topic. Take the story in Revelations 12.

The chapter starts out referring to a pregnant woman crying in pain and about to deliver a boy. Along comes a seven-headed dragon with ten horns and seven crowns. Crowns obviously symbolize rulership or power. The book says, “The dragon stood in front of the woman … so that it might devour her child the moment he was born.”

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