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Atlanta Woman Evicted After Renting From Fake Homeowner

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An Atlanta woman was evicted after she was duped into renting from a person who Lyna McNeilwas not the homeowner.

Lyna McNeil, mother of eight, said she agreed to pay $750 a month to a man who identified himself as “Shawn” after seeing his phone number on a sign.

McNeil said she was startled when another man named Mr. Carr showed up at her home and identified himself as the homeowner and put her family out.

“I have offered to pay him rent. I’ve offered to pay him security deposits, but he doesn’t want that,” McNeil told local affiliate WSB.

McNeil says not only was she put out on the street, but her dogs were taken by animal control because she no longer has a home.

“The children are crying because they’re taking our dogs,” she said.

McNeil’s items were thrown into the front yard and she spent the night in the car with her kids.

A neighbor told ABC News that the home had been empty for as long as they remember.

“I just don’t understand how somebody could rent a place that’s not theirs,” said unnamed neighbor told ABC.

“They were nice and polite,” the neighbor said of the McNeils. “I pray things work out for her.”

“She told me she sat out in the car all night to watch her things, and that someone had come to pick [her belongings] up this morning,” the neighbor continued “She said the only reason she was still sitting there was because she had a flat tire.”

After the news of McNeil’s eviction aired, a Good Samaritan came forward and offered an empty home for the family to live in for a couple of months.