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Are the Obama’s Purchasing a Plush $4.25M Home In California?

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Pres Obama and First Lady Michelle are in escrow for a 4.25 million dollar home in California.

Photo of the home

Reported by Nigel Boys

According to unconfirmed reports, President Obama and First Lady Michelle are in the process of buying a home in the Californian Desert area of Thunderbird Heights, resting in the Rancho Mirage community.

The house was originally listed in 2006 for $9.5 million but has since been reduced six times to its current asking price of $4.25 million, according to the listing website

Although this report is making its rounds around the Internet, White House press secretary Josh Earnest said that the rumors were just not true.

If the deal goes through, the Obama’s could be the new owners of the beautiful property, which was constructed in 1993 and boasts its own two-story waterfall and golf putting green, by the end of the month.

The house, which rests on a hilltop near Palm Springs, where Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope and Bing Crosby called their homes, features other luxurious items such as its own gym, tanning salon and private spa; four bedrooms; four and a half bathrooms; and a smaller house which is comprised of three bedrooms, each with their own bath, according to the realtor’s listing.

Other features of the property include stunning panoramic views of the surrounding area, a private rock-formed lagoon, two spas, elevators and a misting system that will help the Obama’s handle the desert heat, should they decide to purchase.

If the rumors are true, Pres. Obama will not be the first U.S. President to reside in the area known as the “playground of Presidents” because former President Gerald R. Ford did exactly that when he left the White House.

The Obama’s will also have a friend who can help them with their re-decorating if they move in because interior designer Michael Smith, who has done work on the White House, will be their neighbor.

President Obama also teed off on a private golf course on the Porcupine Creek Estate in Rancho Mirage in February of this year, which is owned by Larry Ellison, billionaire co-founder of Oracle. Ellison, who was listed by Forbes as being the 3rd wealthiest man in America and fifth in the world with assets of over $52 billion, bought the 249 acre golf course in 2011 for $42.9 million.

The 8,232-square-foot estate with 3.29 private acres, which the Obama’s stayed near for Father’s Day, would make a lovely retreat for them to relax and forget about political life when they leave the White House after the next election in 2016, if the rumors are true.