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Are Modern Marriages Just Too Much Trouble? | Healthy Black Woman

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By: Krystle Crossman

Marriage is hard work. It requires focus, communication, and most of all love. These days it seems like no one is willing to do those things that it takes to keep a marriage together. Almost half of all marriages are ending in divorce.
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People are content to live eternally single. They don’t want a partner, or if they have one, they do not make that forever commitment. This change has researchers wondering what it is about modern day marriage that has people running for the hills.

Some researchers feel that it is too easy for people to get divorced these days so they will break up over one little fight that years ago would have been resolved between the couple. Now all you have to do is drop a little money, sign some papers, and you are on to your next problem. One of the main theories though is that as time has gone on our expectations of what marriage should be like have been raised so high that it would be very difficult to satisfy those expectations.

The problem with having high expectations is that you become so dependent on your partner that you lose your independence.

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