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A police expert discusses woman being punched in the face by officer

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The incident with the California Highway Patrol in which a woman was being punched in the face repeatedly was shocking and telling about police brutality in America.  The CHP has a good history of community relations, which is why so many activists are shocked that this took place.  Fortunately, a bystander was watching all of this happen and caught it all on video.

Retired police officer and expert witness Ken Williams spent 20 years on the police force in Brockton, Massachusetts.  Williams speaks in the video below with Dr Boyce Watkins about what happened and what could define the police procedure leading to the man hitting this woman in the face over and over again.

In summary, Williams doesn’t feel that the force was justified and believes that the officer should be left to answer for his poor decisions.

Ken Williams is a highly sought after expert witness in wrongful death trials.  His website is

The interview is below.  Please tell us what you think.  Is police brutality still a serious problem in America?  What if this incident had never been recorded?  Would justice have been served?


  1. VNR

    July 6, 2014 at 3:51 pm

    No, Justice Would not have been served if this crime was not recorded. This is a sad day for America when POLICE Officer instead of up holding the LAW, takes the LAW into their own hands. SAD, JUST SAD.

  2. Ann G.

    July 6, 2014 at 4:26 pm

    There is no excuse for what this cop did, the lady he beat may be mentally ill but that just shows the cops in America have no idea as to how someone like her should be treated. I can tell the punk a dozen ways he could have handled this besides beating her, would he beat his wife, daughter like this? This jackass needs to be fired! How can LA justify sending this dog to take care of a situation whereas a man is beating his wife?

  3. Paul H

    July 6, 2014 at 4:29 pm

    What is doubly dangerous is the reported and unreported violence by white police officers against black females

    while at the same time, shows like Scandal are super popular with black females custom-designed to encourage black females to be more open to illicit and immoral sexual liasons with white males as something progressive.

    Black females of the previous generations were taught to be on guard against the sexual advances of white males because the vast majority of time these “advances” were disrespectful, dangerous and full of evil intent

    But thanks to a rash of movies like “Something New,” Monster’s Ball, Scandal and numerous TV shows and movies showing black females as mainly the easily discarded sex toys of white males who reserve their love most of the time for white females

    a lot of sisters are falling for the hype, that being under the sheets, or the beach or in the back seat of a car is the same as being “equal.”

    I’m not slamming sisters, I’m saying that very little has changed in the sense that black women cannot afford to let their guard down because you are in as much danger as black men as being harmed at the hands of law enforcement or in a confrontation with a white male stranger.

    Nor am I saying all white men but simply to not let the TV brainwash us into thinking we are ‘safe.’ We are never safe in a nation that allows law enforcement to treat blacks in ways that would cause the white population to go ballistic if they saw a dog being shot 50 times or a animal being punched in the face over and over.

    We are not even seen as deserving of compassion than a random animal. A

    Brothers, it is our responsibility to protect our women and children, not the women of other races. Instead of trying to get our ‘white fix’ or asian fix or Hispanic fix, so we can feel better about being black, we should do what we can to put our women and children out of harm’s way and that means we need to be in our communities making a difference, and that means checking other black men who are out of order.

    That’s what my small group of male associates are trying to do. To step in when someone needs to without using unnecessary violence and aggression. These stories will continue to grow in number until we decide to show a united front.

    • BlackBackbone

      July 6, 2014 at 6:33 pm

      I’m just a regular Black man from Toronto, and I’m in complete agreement with your statement, particularly your last 2 paragraphs.
      I’m interested in forming a kind of network with this kind of goal.
      Anyone else that reads this and feels the same, please contact me as well. I’m literally sick (nauseated) by these kinds of things and I think it’s time we came together as a people.

      • Paul H

        July 6, 2014 at 7:46 pm

        @ BlackBackbone

        Brother, I hear you. It doesn’t matter where on the planet we are, the stories are the same. In Canada, in Europe where even black ballplayers are pelted with bananas and rocks, in Sweden, wherever black people go we are confronted with racism and police brutality.

        I agree that we need to form networks and when I inquired about building one I discovered that it was difficult to build a consensus or a strategy when so many of us didn’t understand the problem.

        I found sincere BW & BM who thought they could build a black consensus then go home to a WM or WW. I found black people (BP) who didn’t even understand what racism was. And what I have concluded is the first step is education. Dealing with the man and woman in the mirror. We don’t have to think the same way on everything but we must have a common understanding so we can create realistic and effective strategies:

        That’s why I recommend three books from Trojan Horse Press_com

        1. Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation by Anon

        2. Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act by Umoja

        3. The Interracial Con Game by Umoja


        The website: theblackcodefiles_com (replace underscore with a .)

        and three internet radio programs (do a google search)

        1. Neely Fuller Weekly Compensatory Concept Program on Talktainment

        2. The_C.O.W.S.

        3. Black Talk Radio – The Context of White Supremacy

      • ERIC

        July 7, 2014 at 12:44 am

        you know i am down with you, i been wanting to form a group like this for years, me and some friends of mine in new york..

    • ERIC

      July 7, 2014 at 12:37 am


      • Paul H

        July 7, 2014 at 5:11 pm

        @ Eric,

        Brother, I’m encouraged by your response. What I suggest is black people educate ourselves so we will understand the problem before planning any strategy. That’s why I recommended the books, websites, and internet programs above.

        What too many of us don’t see is the campaign of brainwashing that is taking place right under our noses in the form of a ‘first black’ president, blacks with fancy titles and prominent positions who are simply puppets, black entertainers who are the world’s worst models for black people, and even more insidious is the promotion of interracial sex.

        This is something that most black people do not want to talk about but it is the most potent weapon they are using against us. Those who engage in sex with whites will never come together or overcome our oppression. that is why they promote it and why we never see positive relationships on TV and in movies between BM and BW and why all we see are bi-racial people in TV commercials. The people in power who are abusing us know that is the best way to neutralize any genuine black activism. You can’t do both.

        We can’t unify as blacks for survival then turn around and have sex with the people who are abusing you and abandon the people who look like you.

        I know we all have this interracial dynamic in our families and it was encouraged deliberately and has been the most destructive trojan horse in human history because when whites are around, black people shrink away from even talking about racism, let alone acting against it.

        We truly need to ask ourselves if we want to survive or perish. It is just that serious.

  4. Jessica

    July 6, 2014 at 5:02 pm

    We need a website where black people can upload videos of police brutality 24/7.

    We need to call upon Obama and Eric Holder and demand all police to attend African American sensitivity training.

    We need to found organizations whose specific purpose would be to monitor police brutality against African Americans, and to sue states, counties, cities and townships when unnecessary brutality occurs against black people.

    Across the board, white police refuse to treat black women with respect or restraint. Black men need to organize to stop brutality of all African Americans, but they should most definitely deliver a hue and cry against repeatedly punching great grandmothers in the face!

    • Paul H

      July 6, 2014 at 5:29 pm

      @ Jessica

      Obama and Eric Holder are tools of the system. When Obama was senator he lived less than a mile from one of the most violent black wards in the city, where children were being shot and/or killed on a weekly basis and he never said one word.

      I asked people in 2007 & 2008 what they thought about that, that a black senator who is now running for president, that neither he nor his wife ever once mentioned the black children being killed less than a mile from their Hyde Park home and you know what they told me?

      ssshhh, he can’t say anything because he’ll make white people mad

      I said, well, if that’s true, then what the H do you think he’s going to say or do when he’s president? They didn’t have an answer for that.

      Obama and Holder were put in office to take the blame for the economy, immigration fears, and the wars that are being waged and new ones that will be waged. They have a itenary just like any other employee. The same is true of Al Sharpton and any public official who is being promoted and paid by the white in power. the same is true of the NAACP which was founded by Jews and is still financed by people who are not black.

      That’s why the NAACP Image awards continually give awards to comedians, entertainers and others folks who regularly disrespect us.

      We would do wise to remember that old saying: “he who has the gold rules.”

      We can’t afford to continue being naive as to think any black man in America is telling the most powerful white people in this country what to do. Does that happen at our workplace? No. Does that happen in the jail or court systems? No.

      We cannot count on anyone but ourselves. We have to stop calling for help and put ourselves in a position where we as a united front can give it.

    • cody357

      July 7, 2014 at 2:10 am

      There is already such an organization,,It’s called the Black Muslim Party. Even though I have disagreed with some of their mantra, I have always admired how they protect their families and neighborhoods!Also I love those Suits!! lol

  5. Hiroader2

    July 6, 2014 at 5:37 pm

    It would be obvious to any normal thinking person, … That if a homeless person walks around in interstate -10 traffic they may be suffering from mental illness…, But if your an steroided-up cop set to growl & attack black people regardless the circumstances…, Then mentally law enforcement is unstable just as well… Look at that video the cop was totally in enraged *after” the take down…

  6. Bucktooth

    July 6, 2014 at 6:56 pm

    Right On Paul H.!!!

  7. joyce

    July 6, 2014 at 10:05 pm

    This just doesn’t happen only to black Americans; so why should police officers only be required to attend a sensitivity training for blacks when it happens to all races? This would mean we’re only concerned about our people and that would make us just as bad as the abusers

  8. Anthony Allen

    July 7, 2014 at 5:08 am

    Neither religion or politics hold out any hope for our rescue . Our reversal of course is in our hands and our hands only. Till we see the need for cultural and economic separation ,our plight will remain on its present course until extinction consumes us . Black people continue to try to work with our oppressor as if he will see the need to do right. We have missed the fact that he is doing us right according to his code of ethics not ours. He will only bow to our will when we leave him no choice. As long as continue in this vain attempt to assimilate, and he is able to feed off our efforts nothing will change. Integration and civil rights were a farce at best. To hell with civil rights. As malcolm said we have to fight for our human rights first. If we must fight and die to protect our brothers and sisters, mothers and wives then let us fight . The time is now and the hour is late.

    • Paul H

      July 8, 2014 at 10:32 pm

      @ Anthony Allen

      I agree.

      BP are like sleeping giants. If we ever wake up we can fix what is wrong with us and what is wrong with this world. We are the first and we shall be the last. The whole world knows who we are and that they all came from black African people.

      I don’t say this to feed our egos, or to pretend we were all kings and queens. But I do believe that no one would work as hard to keep a race of people down unless they were afraid of us rising up. No one is afraid of inferior people.

      That means we have to educate ourselves and prepare ourselves, talk less and do more, stop selling wolf tickets until our azzes can cash them, and stand together, the men standing in front of our women and children to protect them and our women standing behind us and beside us because they have our backs.

      We are not the clowns and criminals and buffoons and walking penises and immoral females and white-fleshing loving pathetic people we are portrayed to be. We have just not healed from 500 years of oppression. No other people could have withstood what we did and still be here.

      Educate, understand, learn, teach and re-learn how to love ourselves and each other. I hope people will check out the books and websites and internet programs I mentioned earlier. We cannot fix what is wrong if we don’t know what is wrong.

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