5 Ways to Transform From an Ordinary Couple to a Power Couple

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According to, a power couple is defined as a couple both of whom have high-powered careers or are politically influential. Examples of a power couple include Pres. Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle, Jay-Z and Beyoncé, and Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith. The aforementioned have highly successful careers that complement each other and double their already jaw-dropping net worth.

Although power couples seem to make love and business look fun and simple, it is not. Power couples have oftentimes spent many years “grooming” one another for success — some of them have spent many months apart in pursuit of their career goals and others may have had to move in with family members and friends during tough financial times. In other words, being a power couple is far from easy.

Below are five ways an ordinary couple can transform into a power couple:

Create a vision together and stick with it. Even if you and your lover are not in the same industry, write down your goals and discuss how the two of you plan to achieve them together. This may require one person in the relationship putting their own dreams on hold while the other pursues theirs. Whatever the decision made, create it together and stick with it. You’ll be happy that you did when you see all of your plans come to fruition.

Remain loyal to the relationship. In the pursuit of excellence, you and your significant other will experience some trying times. As one spouse’s career goals take off, the other spouse may feel intimidated by the new attention their lover is getting.

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