5 Foolproof Steps to Save $1,378 | Dominique’ N. Reese

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savingBy Dominique’ N. Reese

It’s no secret that saving money can be a challenge for a lot of us. Although we want to do it, we have so much trouble getting started or sticking to a strategy that we have implemented. However, the steps below will increase your savings every week! Now, some of us say we cant afford to save, however, even with this strategy, you’re encouraged to save something over nothing! Whether you’re spending more than you’re saving, saving less than you should, or simply looking for a way to boost your savings, this strategy is bound to prove successful, if you stay disciplined once a week.

Step 1: Determine the week of the year

For example, this week is July 13 to July 19. It is the 29th week of the year.

Step 2: Choose a day of the week that is best to make a deposit or do an online transfer

If you know that Sundays are best for you to focus on your money and other personal business choose Sunday. If Wednesdays after work, after volunteering or after the gym are best, choose Wednesdays. Whatever day is best for you. Just remember to stick this day. If you change it from week to week you’ll risk losing your momentum.

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