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3 Things Happy, Successful People Never Say | Early Jackson

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happyBy Early Jackson

When I was in sixth grade I lived in an area filled with kids my age. It seemed any time of the day I could go outside and find someone to have fun with. Whether football, hide & seek or skateboarding, it was all readily available. Times were tough financially for my family, but none of that mattered to a kid with playmates to occupy the days.

One day in particular, I suffered a few cuts and leg bruises. In fact, by the close of this day I would have about 10 stitches in my knee and some other bumps to go along with that. Here’s what happened, a kid named Nathaniel or as I called him, Nate was riding his bike. Before I can continue, let me preface this story by saying I use the term ‘bike’ very loosely. Keep in mind this is a time of transition for my mother, who is a newly single mother and divorcee. So I was learning how to make due with whatever I had. Many in the neighborhood would comb the area for parts to build a bike. You could find a tire, a frame and then partner with someone else who had the rest of what you needed. In a few days you could have a fairly functional bicycle. But whether it was safe is another story all together.

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