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3 Important Things You Should Know To Get Published | Suzette Hinton

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publishedBy Suzette Hinton

Whenever I am out and about and folks learn I am an author, they invariably pull me to the side or come a little closer and say, “I’ve got a book inside of me.  I know it.  But I don’t know how to start the process.  How did you get published?”

Though it is true that everyone has a story to tell and anyone, who wants to, can get published, it is important that you consider these 3 things:

Getting your book published is different from getting a book deal

Publishing, even self publishing, costs money

Nothing will happen if you don’t write

First, getting your book published is not the same as getting a book deal.  Most of us authors want a book deal.  Those happen far and few between though.  While talking with a well-known book publisher at an out of state book festival, he shared how many thousands of manuscripts they receive each day.  “If they aren’t in the right format, they get tossed before they are even read,” he said.

While there are book publishers out there who would be happy to read your manuscript—no matter the format–they won’t publish your book unless you pay them.

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