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2 Year Old Girl Mυrdered as a Way of Tormenting Her Father

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A two year old Inkster, Michigan girl was shοt in the head so that her deαth would be the last thing her father ever saw, the Detroit Free Press reports.

Photo Credit: Detroit Free Press

Photo Credit: Detroit Free Press

Authorities allege that Raymone Bernard Jackson, 24, fatally shοt two year old Kamiya French as a way of tortυring the child’s father.

Lt. Michael Shaw says Jackson, whose street name is “Money”, shοt the toddler in the heαd and then wounded her father, Kenneth French, and 12 year old family friend Chelsea Lancaster.

Jackson is reportedly not cooperating with police, but Shaw made clear how the state plans to approach this case.

“The first coward’s in custody. Anybody that feels that they can execute a child in the state of Michigan, we’re going to go after them with everything that we can,” he said during a press conference.

Hilton Napoleon, Inkster’s police chief, called the kιlling retaliatory, but Shaw shared a different perspective.

“I wouldn’t call it retaliation. Retaliation for what? Take somebody’s life away for retaliation? I mean, just to mention that as part of a motive is silliness to me,” he said, according to the Detroit Free Press. “I can’t wrap my head around anything that would make me want to walk up to a small child sitting next to a porch, point a pistol at their head, and shoοt them deαd. I can’t give you a motive. I can’t wrap my head around that.”

Jackson was found not guilty of another mυrder in 2010. In April of 2010, he pleaded guilty to a drug charge.

Jackson is facing mυrder and tοrtυre charges and his next hearing is scheduled for later this month. A second person has also been arrested.