11-year old has an IQ higher than Bill Gates and Einstein

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einsteinAn 11-year-old black boy is found to have a higher IQ than theoretical physicist Albert Einstein, famed author Steven Hawking, and computer pioneer Bill Gates.

Ramarni Wilfred of Romford, U.K. has received a genius-leveled Mensa IQ score of 162.  His score places him in the top 1 percent of IQs in the U.K.

Ramarni said he is happy with the score, although he was not expecting it.   “I was surprised and very happy when I read the results of my IQ test, as I didn’t feel very confident ­after completing the test.”

When Ramarni discovered that he was smarter than several highly accomplished historical figures such as Einstein, he was flattered, but stayed humble.

“I can’t begin to compare myself to these great men whose hard work clearly proves that they are true geniuses,” he said.

“Who knows?  Perhaps my ‘true genius’ moment will come when I grow up, but for now, I am just proud of myself and happy that my mum and sister are proud of me, too.”

Ramarni’s mother, Anthea, said that she knew her son would be special ever since he was a baby.

“By the time he was three he could read and write, and from 18 months we discussed the news, and his favorite book was an encyclopedia!”

Ramarni decided to take the IQ test after writing an essay for Oxford University that received praise.  He was then invited to take the intelligence test at Birbeck University.  Ramarni is now a member of the Mensa International IQ society, where he will be able to mingle with like-minded kids of his age and attend excusive events.

“Ramarni’s score shows he has great potential and we are pleased to welcome him to Mensa,” said John Stevenage, Mensa’s chief executive.  “We hope he will enjoy being part of the society and interacting with fellow members.”

Although Ramarni is a genius, he is not arrogant about his scores.  He just wants to make the most out of the new experiences that his score will bring him.

“I don’t really see having a high IQ as a big deal, but I do feel very privileged to be invited to join Mensa, and can’t wait to ­attend some of the events,” said Ramarni.