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1 Million Students Stopped Eating Michelle Obama’s Nutritional School Lunch

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1 Million Students Opt out of purchasing Michelle Obamas Nutrional Lunch Meal.


Reported by Kacie Whaley

First Lady Michelle Obama has been very public about her concern with childhood obesity.  She created the Let’s Move! Initiative, and has been pushing for healthier school lunches ever since.  Now that most schools around the country have switched to healthier lunch and breakfast options thanks to the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act for which Mrs. Obama lobbied, many children have stopped buying school lunch.

According to Daily Mail, about 1 million kids quit eating school-provided food since healthier nutrition options came into effect, and Republicans see this as a failure in Obama’s initiative, rather than a success.

‘As well-intended as the people in Washington believe themselves to be, the reality is that from a practical standpoint these regulations are just plain not working out in some individual school districts,’ said Rep. Robert Aderholt of Alabama.

Aderholt is one of the Republicans who are pushing for the House to pass a bill allowing districts to opt-out of Obama’s food restrictions for at least one year.  The House panel approved of the bill, and after the Fourth of July weekend, the full House will vote.

The School Nutrition Association once backed Obama’s efforts, but as schools are losing money from low sales, they are also turning against the healthier options.  “How can we call these standards a success when they are driving students away from the program?” said Diane Pratt-Heavner, spokesperson for the association.

The association requested to speak with the First Lady and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, whose department runs the school nutrition program and backs Obama’s efforts.
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  Instead, they were invited to sit down with Vilsack and the White House’s chef and executive director of Let’s Move!, Sam Kass.

“The last thing that we can afford to do right now is play politics with our kids’ health, especially when we’re finally starting to see some progress on this issue,” Mrs. Obama said while she met with a group of nutritionists at the White House.

“I’m going to fight until the bitter end to make sure that every kid in this country continues to have the best nutrition that they can have in our schools,” the First Lady declared while showcasing elementary school kids who prepared a salad for their lunch.