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Sεx Offender Nabbed After Police Spot Him in an Ice Cream Truck

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A sεx offender was taken into custody on Monday after Nashville, Tennessee police spotted Friersonhim riding in an ice cream truck.

WNCT reports that police picked up Larry Frierson, 35, in a private residence after seeing the convicted sεx offender in the passenger seat of a Dodge van that was being used as an ice cream truck.

Authorities saw children approach the truck to buy ice cream while Frierson was inside.

“He could just grab one of them and take them into the truck. You never know,” one neighbor told WNCT.

Frierson had listed his address as homeless which prompted officers to research his residence. Parole officers located him with the help of a GPS tracking device.

“We were tracking him at four miles-per-hour. We just assumed he was on a bicycle after going around three different locations and seeing the same ice cream truck we kind of looked at one another and said at the same time he’s not on a bicycle he’s in this truck and sure enough there he was in the passenger seat,” said Probation Parole Officer Joseph Coccia.

The ice cream truck Frierson was riding in was not registered in his name.

“His face was just in disbelief that he was just caught,” added Probation Parole Officer Bill Farewell.

Frierson was previously convicted of attempted aggrαvated sεxual battery of a four year old boy in 2006 and in 2004 was he was arrested for criminal attempt to commit aggrαvated sεxual battery.

He viοlated his sεxual offender guidelines by driving the ice cream truck since offenders are not allowed to operate vehicles which attract children to the area.

Frierson is in Davidson County Jail on $15,000 bond.