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Yikes: You May Have This Scary STD With No Symptoms

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Do you get regularly tested for STDs?  What about the person you’re sleeping with?  Do you have the person tested for all STDs, or just HIV/AIDS?  There are a lot of diseases that you can catch that go far beyond the big ones.  Because people are not going to the doctor and not testing for all of the diseases they can have, thousands of black women are secretly losing their fertility.  This isn’t going to make national news because people aren’t really talking about it.

This article from talks about an STD you may have heard of, but don’t think it affects you. But you may want to read the article carefully, since researchers have shown that black males have a very high instance of STDs because they have more sexx partners than black women.  Also, black males are more likely to go to prison, where STDs are spread on a regular basis.  Also, because black men have the highest unemployment rates, many men do not have health insurance. This makes them far less likely to go to the doctor if something is wrong.  This affects black women too, since they are the ones sleeping with black men.

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How often do you get yourself tested for STDs? Every six months? Once a year? Only when you have symptoms? What if you had an STD and didn’t know it because there were no symptoms? Unfortunately there is an STD out there that often time does not show any signs or symptoms. This disease is called chlamydia. There are 1.4 million diagnosed cases per year and yet the CDC states that 1 in every 100 people has the disease. This would work out to 1.8 million. How are so many cases unreported? The simple answer is that people don’t know that they have it.

For men chlamydia is not too harmful but when they don’t know that they have it they may end up spreading it to multiple women. These women who may not show any symptoms could be in for trouble down the road if it is not diagnosed and treated properly. Chlamydia can cause scar tissue in the uterus and fallopian tubes or on the cervix. It can affect a woman’s fertility to the point where she may never be able to have children.

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