Woman Slammed For Breαstfeeding Daughter During Graduation Ceremony

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Karlesha Thurman received backlash for breastfeeding her daughter during her graduation ceremony.

Karlesha Thurman

Reported by April Taylor

Karlesha Thurman has ignited a storm of controversy after posting a picture to her Facebook page of her breαstfeeding her child at her graduation ceremony.  The 25-year old Thurman graduated from California State University Long Beach with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

She reports that she found out she was pregnant during her last year of college, and her daughter was born one week into her final semester.  She says that her daughter motivated her to continue school and obtain her degree.  For that reason, she felt that graduation was a moment for both she and her daughter to celebrate, and that is why she feels there should be no problem with her posting of the picture.

The photo was originally shared on a Facebook page called Black Women Do Breastfeed.  The group reposted the picture, and it then went viral.  Thurman expected she would get positive responses considering it was posted on a page that was supportive of women breastfeeding.  However, she has received a significant number of hateful messages and responses to the photo.

Some of the comments questioned her judgement while others were more drastic and could be considered slυt-shaming.  Others have responded to the negativity by defending her.  Shellie Love tweeted “Mom breαst feeding her baby at graduation & ya’ll feel the need to shame her?  Collect your lives, seriously.  Some of y’all doing thee most.”  Another post by Septembre Anderson stated: “shaming a BW [Black woman] for breast feeding at her graduation…Y’all need to confront why you think BW’s bodies are vulgar.”

Although many people have reservations about women breαstfeeding in public, the assumption that Thurman was graduating from high school and not college led many to shame her as being promiscuous and irresponsible.  Others wonder if the extent of the shaming is due in part to the fact that she is a black woman.  Whatever the reasons, a woman should not be shamed for doing something as natural as breαstfeeding her child.