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Woman rips off son’s g*nitals tries to repair them with superglue

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Reported by Liku Zelleke

A woman in San Antonio, Texas has been sentenced to two years in prison for assaulting her 6-year-old son by partially tearing his g*nitals.

According to an FBI complaint, Jennifer Vargas, 34, was arrested on September 27th at the family’s home in Joint Base San Antonio – Fort Sam Houston. The complaint stated that the mother caused serious bodily injury after she grabbed the boy by his private parts and pulled with enough force to cause a 4-centimeter laceration on his scrοtum.

Instead of seeking medical help the report goes on to state that she cleaned the wound with alcohol and then attempted to patch up the gaping hole by applying superglue to it.

“She applied superglue to the boy’s scrοtum until the bleeding stopped, stuffed his underwear with paper towels and then told him to go to bed. Vargas did not seek any type of medical treatment for the child,” the criminal complaint affidavit read.

When Vargas’ husband returned from work he found his son crying in an upstairs bedroom. The father, who is enlisted in the army, discovered the wound and took him to a military hospital.

The child required surgery to treat his wounds. He is now recovering and is under the custody of his father.

Although no specific reason was given as to why the mother resorted to such extreme measure, it has been alleged that she did so in a fit of rage over his behavior. Agents also said that she had admitted to “grabbing the child’s testicles and pulling as hard as she could.”

Right before she was sentenced, Vargas made an emotional speech to US Judge Orlando Garcia saying that her kids were the “most important thing to me.” She added, “I would like to say that I regret my actions, that I do love my children with all my heart.”

Judge Garcia sentenced her to two years in prison and an additional five years of supervised release.