Willow Smith sleeps with 10 snakes in her room

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Willow Smith is the 13-year old daughter of actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. She seems to keep popping up in the media, and with each passing year, the stories just seem to get stranger and stranger.

The latest is a report that Willow is “obsessed” with snakes. According to the UK Daily Mail, Willow has as many as 10 pet snakes in her room and sleeps with many of them outside their cage.

US Weekly says that the teen “cuddles” with the snakes in bed at night when she goes to sleep. This might be safer than getting into bed with 20-year old men, which was the reason the Internet was talking about her last week. She was recently the subject of controversy after she was seen lying in bed with a shirtless 20-year old actor, Moises Arias.

“She has 10 sleeping in her room and some aren’t in cages!” an insider says of the teen girl.

The source also says that Willow’s brother Jaden loves snakes as well. He actually refers to them as his “girlfriends.” Willow reportedly got her first Boa constrictor in 2008 when she was just seven years old.   The female snake was named Beauty.

Jada Pinkett Smith told Redbook that the snakes made her nervous originally, but having them in the house helped her to get over her fear of snakes.

“I’ve always loved snakes but was afraid of them,” said Jada. “But Willow had wanted this one snake forever. She’d go into the pet store and pick it up and wrap it around her. I’d never touched a snake before, and I put out my hand, and Beauty [mimics the snake slithering up her arm]. I’ve been in love with her ever since. I said to Willow, ‘You did Mommy a big favor. You helped me overcome a fear.’”

Willow’s father Will says that the snakes help him to overcome his fear of mice, since snakes eat mice.

“I’m good with snakes. Willow has a boa constrictor,” he said. “But mice? Phew!”

The interesting thing about all of this is that Willow is just 13. The weirdness has just begun.