What Has R&B Singer Dawn Richard Done to Her Face?

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R&B Singer Dawn Richards appears to be bleaching her skin. www.naturallymoi.com

Before and after pics

Reported by Kacie Whaley

It is no secret that several entertainers have engaged in plastic surgery, whether it is done to achieve an image that is more mainstream-friendly, or as a result of issues with self-image. Some celebrities admit to their decision to go under the knife, while others either deny the allegations or ignore them completely. Either way, the public will always be inclined to speculate, and the latest target of nip-tuck speculation is Dawn Richard.

Richard, of pop group Danity Kane fame, has been posting pictures on her Instagram that has had fans scratching their heads in utter confusion. The photos show a woman with long, sleek hair, heavy make-up, and narrow features. She kind of resembles someone of Middle-Eastern or east African descent. While the woman looks like what the entertainment world may deem exotic, she looks nothing like the Dawn that her fans are used to.

Those concerned with Richard’s new face have wondered if the singer has had surgery on her nose. After all, a large portion of black women in the entertainment industry have so obviously gone from a naturally wide nose at the beginning of their careers to a thin, pinched nose. So, while bothersome that black women allow themselves to buckle to the shallow beauty standards of the industry, it would make sense if that accusation of Richard was true.

But there is also a thing called ‘contouring,’ which creates the illusion of a narrow nose with the use of make-up. Depending on the type of make-up one uses and how it’s applied, a person could seemingly transform into a whole new person, physically speaking.

So, has Richard taken a trip to her local plastic surgeon? Or is her new look courtesy of radical make-up sorcery? Regardless of the truth, hopefully Richard knows that she is a natural beauty without all the enhancements.

You can visit the singer’s Instagram here: http://instagram.com/DawnRichard#